About Ilium Wing

Ilium Wing was established in 2019 from Ama’s calling to fill the need for traditional waist jewelry that elevates this adornment art, and last for generations.

The Ilium is a wing-shaped bone that creates the shape of our hips. It is the natural resting place and division on the body that embodies femininity, lineage, and beauty.

An Ilium Wing piece seeks to adorn these quiet spaces. It is a reminder of the celebration and divinity each of our bodies carry. Every piece is a personal talisman of our initiations and intentions, accompanying the wearer in the mysteries of luxury and divine femininity. 

Ilium Wing jewelry is an inner reflection of who we feel we are when at our highest - powerful, sensual and connected + ancient - connecting women to their powerful and feminine ancestry. Through the art & practice of fine waistbeads, we are transformed into the most connected and appreciated version of ourselves.