Ilium Wing bespoke waist beads are birthed once, and never again.

At Ilium Wing, we don't just craft waist beads; we weave intentions into reality with precious metals, captivating colored gemstones, and exquisite diamonds. It's not just about the materials themselves, but the beading ritual that creates pure magic. Pulling from my teachings of spirituality, mythology, numerology, world history, and genealogy, research and intuition combine to create a one-of-a-kind piece -- the most immaculate waist beads that you will ever wear. 

Our bespoke creations epitomize the genesis of our journey. Beginning with your intentions, guided by a bespoke questionnaire and confirmed via divination, these personalized waist beads morph into spiritual talismans tailored uniquely for each patron. Handpicked stones and precious metals converge to narrate the tapestry of your singular life.

No piece will ever be created twice.

Every custom endeavor is conceived and produced by Ama McKinley, in the heart of Atlanta, GA. Commissions start at $4,000, and we welcome the opportunity to incorporate any existing stones or jewelry pieces you wish to infuse into your bespoke masterpiece. Let us craft your future heirloom together - your descendants will thank you.

I'm ready to start the process.