Collection: Of Pleasure & Spirit

In Varanasi – the holiest city in all of Hinduism – the courtesans of antiquity were called devadasis, “servants of the gods” who worshiped through music, dance, and the art of love. Prayer & pleasure were synonymous. The names of these women – sketched in Sanskrit, guarded by respect and time.

In Jaipur – the pink city of Rajasthan – where the kings so revered jewels that a private community of jewel cutters was built. Cutters who taught their sons, and so forth. Along with centuries of spiritual devotion – one goat sacrificed to goddess Kali Ma everyday since the 1600s – this city was made and remains wealthy, all in the pursuit of beauty.

This collection is an ode to the ancient people of India, who submit their lives in devotion to pleasure, beauty, and spirituality. Where the process of ascension begins with courageous sensuality, and life is created from the same place - whether birthing outward, or recreating within.