Ilium Wing pieces are made with love + intention as an acknowledgement of the Divine Feminine. Because our materials come directly from the Queen herself - Mother Earth - we uphold the highest standards of ethical sourcing, featuring: 

  • Recycled gold
  • Fairtrade untreated faceted gemstones
  • Fairtrade untreated diamonds

The most accurate measurement is found with a tape measure. Measure wherever you’d like your jewelry to sit; some prefer higher on the waist, and others lower on the hips. If you’re a middle-of-the-road type person, around the navel should be perfect. The fit should be comfortable - not loose, and not tight.

Consider measuring first thing in the morning, and again later in the day after a good meal! Your true size is somewhere in between those numbers, so pick the nearest even, whole number. All sizes are in inches.

If you don’t trust your own measuring skills, ask a friend or tailor for help. We are not responsible for pieces made to the size you provided that do not fit, so take your time with this step!

Nothing lasts forever…not even the sun. But if you find, as a fault of construction, that this jewelry breaks of no fault of your own, please allow us the honor to correct the mistake at no charge to you. You can reach us at hello@iliumwing.com.

Sustainability is very important to Ilium Wing. This is one reason why we use only pure, recycled gold - a material that has held value in every world culture across time, and can never be considered trash. And because gold is easily melted and reshaped, a single gold object can exist for generations.

Our pieces are made using exclusively recycled gold, keeping us grounded in a belief that’s central to our work - the celebration of Lineage.

All of our gemstones are natural from the Earth, untreated by irradiation and artificial dying, as is common within the global gemstone trade. This means that there can be slight variations in color or composition, while still maintaining the highest integrity in cut and design.

We use bone because, before tribes mined for gold, they honored each animal from the hunt. Through prayer, ritual, and the intentional use of the entire creature - hide for clothing, meat for eating, and bone for tools & adornment - our earliest ancestors wasted little, and found value in all. Bone is the original bling, and an intentional way that we honor Lineage in our work.

All bones included in our pieces are ethically harvested from recycled sources - the animals of global farmers and herders whose livestock have died from natural causes. We will never use bone taken by unethical means.

After working in the jewelry industry, we learned that most commercially-made 14k white gold jewelry in the US can sometimes be problematic.

The alloys mixed in with 24k gold to turn the metal from yellow to white can cause major irritation - primarily nickel.

Additionally, white gold loses its perfect luster with wear because of the common industry practice of plating white gold with rhodium -- a chemical process that requires a serious respirator and exhaust hood if you're being a responsible jeweler.

In Europe, nickel isn't allowed in white gold jewelry at all, hence the occasional name European White Gold. All of that to say, white gold doesn't line up with our values either. And, the original stuff is yellow like the Sun.

For white metal, we prefer platinum and will offer it in future pieces.

Sort of. We use a combination thread made from woven steel, nylon and high karat gold.

Every piece includes a 3-inch extender to allow for weight fluctuations. If you have a significant weight change, we include one resizing at no cost.

Contact us at hello@iliumwing.com for any inquiries or assistance.

Yes. Please visit our Bespoke page.