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Ilium Wing



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What happens when a fire starts? It spreads. 

The Sacral Chakra - your seat of prana - draws in the courage needed to explore and play. Like heat and flowing water, play filters out un-truths, replacing them with new joys. Because now is the time to let go, and accept change.
Sunstone leaves fan the purifying heat of orange carnelian and gold. Fishbone accompanies the process, representing this chakra’s dominion over the water element in the body.
Can easily be worn as hand embellishment or double-strand necklace.


Size 1 | US Pants Size Equivalent  0-4
Size 2 | US Pants Size Equivalent  6-10
Size 3 | US Pants Size Equivalent  12-16
Single Bracelet | Standard One-Size (unpictured, inspired by design)
All pieces are made to order.
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